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 Big Round Lake

 Proposed Alum Treatment to Reduce Phosphorus / Algal Blooms

 Website: ( https://bigroundlake.org/alum )


 Phosphorus damages lakes by feeding the growth of excessive algae.
 One pound of phosphorus can create 500 pounds of algae. Harmful
 algal blooms are the rapid growth of algae or cyanobacteria that can
 cause harm to people, animals, and reduce oxygen in the water for
 fish. A harmful algal or cyanobacterial bloom can look like foam,
 scum, paint, or mats on the surface of water and can be different colors.
 These blooms can produce toxins that make people and animals sick.


  Big Round Lake history


 Water Quality/Blue Green Algae




 Other Lake P&R District's that have used Alum


 Proposed Alum Update to the Big Round Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan




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